Three-time intensity      The web and critical parts adopt the low-alloy and high-tensile steel and the tensile strength is 3 times stronger than common manganese steel, making the loading hard to change shape.
22 procedures      From product development to factory inspection, Xiangluo trailers go through 22 strict procedures.
Road Test of 500000 miles      The quality materials and parts are purchased form home and abroad; the products also passed road test of 500000 miles.

Comparison between integrated longitudinal beam and joint beam

“Beam of Variable Cross-section(longitudinal beam/up and down wings) ” National Patent
Patent Number:ZL201120480452.6
The reasonable design of the variable cross-section can help to decrease dead-weight and concentration of stress, increase load capacity and fatigue resistance, avoid fracture of beam and extend the service life of the beam.
“Profile Hole Beam” National Patent
Patent Number:ZL201420449085.7
The philosophy of the design is to release the internal stress formed during the welding of the beam and the gravity of loading to enhance the carrying capacity of beam and decrease the dead-weight.
“Reinforce Equipment for Beam – Design of Stress Release” National Patent
Patent Number:ZL201120480451.1
The concentration of the stress in the place of suspension welding is further released to avoid the fracture of the beam and to improve the carrying capacity.
Special Design of Unibody
The beam adopts the design of the unibody not the joint design, which enhance the service life and concentrated carrying capacity.
Chrome-plated Traction Pin
The traditional traction pin is of weak intensity and with the passing of time, it will be easy to be out of shape with low safety. Luoxiang adopts the materials of domestic famous brands and its durability can assure exemption from repair for lifetime and the improvement of the vehicle performance under the technology of intense quench chromium.
chrome-plated equalizing beam pin /cover
The equalizing beam adopts the technology of quenching chromium, which enhances the surface hardness and durability. Its service life is 5 times of the traditional one. The design of self-lubricating high-tension brass (a special material) assures the lifelong exemption from lubrication and maintenance.
Luoxiang Special Vehicle Axle
High-tension, wear-resistance, no maintenance and convenience
Combined with the self features of Luoxiang trailers, the axle is customized by cooperation with world famous Vehicle Axle companies to improve the performance. The imported brake pad is of better brake performance. Automatic adjusting arms of and automatic adjust within brake intervals of Germany Bendix assure the safety of driving.
Promise: Brake pad is guaranteed for 120000 miles; the vehicle axle and other parts are guaranteed for full warranty within one year!
 Parameter details
 Product Side wall semi trailer
 Outside Dimensions(L*W*H) 13000*2550*600
 Tare Weight 5300kg
 Tires  Brand Goodyear
 Quantity 12
 Axles  Brand Huajin/FUWA/BPW optional
 Load capacity 13000kg
 Wheel rim  Xiamen Rishang
 Suspension  Mechanical/Air
 Brakes  Brake chamber 4/2
 System Dual line braking system /ABS
 Material  Main member T700L
 Cross member material T700L
 Side beam T610L
 King Pin  2″ or 3.5″
 Painting and marking according to the customer’s requirement

Customization Service is Acceptable for This Product.